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Electric Circuit expands into Ontario

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Great news for electric car owners in Ontario: The Electric Circuit, a Quebec-based network of public charging stations for EVs, will enter the neighbouring province with 14 locations along Highways 401, 416, 417 and 17 beginning in 2017. 

An additional eight 240V (Level-2) charging stations are also planned at strategic locations in Ottawa.

This upcoming expansion of the Electric Circuit aims to increase the number of EVs on the road by offering customers easier access to a public charging infrastructure including beyond Quebec.

“Rolling out a corridor between Quebec and Ontario is a major step for the Electric Circuit, as it allows us to continue to meet the needs of EV drivers. They can now travel more easily between Quebec and Ontario, which is great news for both tourism and the economy,” said France Lampron, President of the Electric Circuit.

Today, the Electric Circuit comprises some 620 public charging stations, including 31 fast-charge stations, across 16 Quebec regions.