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Enough with the gearhead stereotypes already

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Last week I found out that the Discovery Channel was launching a new reality series called Carfellas, where a team of cameramen follows the trials and tribulations of Mikey D. and his boys Tommie and Mario as they deal with the day to day business of selling used cars.

Put that way, it almost sounds like a normal series, but when you check out the promo spot on YouTube, it becomes immediately apparent that it’s idiots like these who give the auto industry a bad name.

In the space of 2 minutes and 36 seconds, you see three douchebag car buffs with zero class and all the IQ of a very smart rock brandish wads of $100 bills with the grace of a pimp and discuss marketing strategies involving girls from the local strip club.

In fact, the show is nothing less than a car-centric adaptation of Jersey Shore, another reality series renowned for its intellectual and profound cast of characters.

What really p***** me off is that productions like this, pure television garbage, give a bad rap not only to respectable used car dealers but to car buffs like myself as well.

My car enthusiast friends and colleagues are all “normals”. We’re your neighbours who mow their lawn on Sunday, we’re the dads who go to local PTA meetings, we’re your kids’ hockey coaches, and it just so happens that we love the feeling of freedom and power that our cars give us.

We like to get together on the ‘net and in real life to swap stories and share tips with other passionate drivers, to proudly display our work and that of others.

Someone who isn’t interested in cars and watches a show like this probably won’t think very highly of us, and with good reason.

It’s like listening to the 6 o’clock news and hearing that an irresponsible ass raced his modified car in a residential area and killed a kid who was playing in the street.

All you need is a handful of morons for the majority of intelligent, conscientious drivers to be penalized and even marginalized in our society.

We have to stand up, assert ourselves, denounce this consummate stupidity and tear down the stereotypes once and for all – because things are really getting out of hand.