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ETS's CHINOOK has the wind at its back in the Netherlands

ETS's CHINOOK has the wind at its back in the Netherlands

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The École de Technologie Supérieure and its CHINOOK put on an impressive display at the Racing Aeolus, a wind-powered car university competition held at Den Helder, in the Netherlands, on August 17-21, clinching second place and very nearly taking home the honours.

With a score of 50.1% (vehicle speed/wind speed ratio), the Quebec institution nearly got the better of Denmark’s Technical University (DTU), which scored 51 %. The University of Applied Sciences of Kiel (Germany) came in third with a score of 44.2 %.

When it comes to wind energy, performance is measured by the ratio between the wind harnessed and the wind available, which gives us an idea of the overall efficiency of the technology when applied to cars.

For the 2011 edition, the arrival of teams from Quebec and Turkey gave the event a more international appeal. The Racing Aeolus’s fame is growing with each passing year, and it’s attracting more and more commercial visitors. Next year, the Chinook gang will team up with students from the Université de Sherbrooke to increase the delegation from Quebec.

Wind Energy Events, a young company sponsored by ATO-Sustainable Business Engineers and the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, has been organizing the race for the past four years.