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F1: Cosworth eyes F1 return with affordable V6

From GMM

Cosworth could be eyeing a return to formula one, with the support of none other than Bernie Ecclestone.

Although the expensive new engine rules and a lack of customers sent the British company off the grid at the end of last year, Cosworth announced recently it is setting up a new manufacturing centre at its Northampton base.

The company confirmed that the facility, to "deliver the next generation of automotive internal combustion engines", is bolstered by a British government grant.

And according to Speed Week, there may even be an F1 component to Cosworth's next plans.

F1 Cosworth V6 engine
Cosworth V6 turbo engine. (Photo: Cosworth)

Buying a turbo V6 from one of just three alternative suppliers - Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault - has rarely been as expensive for struggling customer teams as it is today.

Correspondent Mathias Brunner reports: "I have heard from England that Cosworth is working on a modern power unit for formula one, and behind the scenes is a certain Bernard Ecclestone.

"The market could certainly do with a not-so-expensive turbo V6," he added.

Mathias Brunner said Cosworth did not comment.