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F1: FIA to modify Q3 qualifying format for 2014?

The FIA, Formula 1’s governing body, is thinking about making changes to the current qualifying format to spice things up during the final, third round, known as Q3.

Today, several drivers elect to sit out of Q3 to save a set of fresh tires for the start of the race. This turns Q3 into a rather quiet session, with very few cars battling out on the race track, fighting to set the best lap time.

British motorsport publication, Autosport writes Thursday that members of the FIA will meet with the team principals of the F1 teams February 21 during the four-day winter test session in Bahrain.

A variety of options are going to be discussed at the meeting, such as this one that would force the ten fastest drivers to start the race on the tires they ran on during Q2 instead of Q3.

Another plan would allow drivers to use an extra set of fresh tires for Q3. These tires would not be used during the race, and would need to be returned to Pirelli once qualifying is over.

A final idea would be to make Q3 a little longer. It is currently just 10 minutes long. It is said that drivers would make two qualifying attempts if they had more time.