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F1: Pirelli finally signs new Formula 1 contract

Italian tire manufacturer, Pirelli has finally signed a new contract to continue to supply tires to Formula 1.

The Pirelli press release reads: “Following a decision by the World Motor Sport Council confirming Pirelli’s status as the single supplier of tires to the FIA Formula One World Championship, Pirelli and the FIA have renewed their Formula One tire supply contract. The duration of the agreement is for three years, starting from the 2014 season.”

Pirelli and the Formula 1 teams worked together to improve levels of safety and performance in the sport, resulting in important changes to the FIA Formula 1 Sporting Regulations regarding the testing of tires.

These new rules, mandatory from the 2014 season onwards, can be summarised as follows:

1) One of the 12 days of official pre-season testing, as prescribed in the 2014 Sporting Regulations, will be dedicated exclusively to wet tire testing.

2) Each team will dedicate one of their eight days of in-season testing, as prescribed in the 2014 Sporting Regulations, exclusively to tire testing. This means that during each of the eight days of in-season testing, at least one team – and up to a maximum of two – will be concentrating on tire testing along with Pirelli’s engineers.

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Photo: Pirelli