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F1: Promoter happy with repaired Montreal surface

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Khatir Soltani
From GMM

After the problems seen at Montreal's most recent F1 races, the surface of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve did not break up during the running of the 2010 edition.

Before Canada fell off the calendar last year, the track's crumbling asphalt came in for scathing criticism. Ahead of the race's return last weekend, the troublesome sections were resurfaced with Shell Bitumen, whose same product is in use at other grand prix tracks.

"I've said that part of the problem was the (grooved) tyre," new race promoter Francois Dumontier is quoted by the Montreal Gazette.

Before last weekend's race, the last time slicks were fitted to F1 cars in Montreal was 1997.

"An engineer explained to me that in every corner, the (grooved) tread was pushing the asphalt. We put down a new surface last year, but I think the improvement is a combination of that and the slick tyre," explained Francois Dumontier.

"After the first practice session, I sent somebody out to look at our repairs. It was a relief."

However, throughout the race weekend, drivers complained about the low grip of the surface and the way Bridgestone's tyres were uncharacteristically graining and degrading.

Francois Dumontier replied: "I think drivers need to adapt to every track. At Barcelona, for example, which is used for testing, they know exactly where to put their tyres. Our circuit is used just twice a year to race."

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