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F1: Renault satisfied with latest upgrades

The Renault-powered Red Bulls showed an encouraging pace in Friday’s free practice sessions, and Renault Sport F1 is satisfied with its latest upgrades.

Renault indicated that the second part of the software upgrade package debuted in Spain was evaluated by Renault-powered teams. Data showed improved driveability and reliability.

“We’ve introduced the second part of software upgrades here, designed to improve driveability, but also reliability. The first step came in Spain and we tested a second batch at the test last week and are pretty happy with what we’ve seen. In Monaco it is more about making the Power Unit robust enough to deal with the challenges of the circuit: you need consistency here,” said Remi Taffin, head of track operations at Renault.

“Combined to the extra horsepower from the new Total fuel, we got positive initial reports of grip and responsiveness and are clear on the direction we need to take for the rest of the weekend and looking forward to Canada. Everything seems to be corroborated by the limited running we could do today although unfortunately the improvements do not show in the times, thanks to the weather and traffic. We were however able to get through a lot of the tests we wanted, although we naturally have some more to get through on Saturday,” Taffin explained.