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F1: Toto Wolff says Mercedes open to changes in engine freeze rule

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff says the German team is open to the idea of loosening the current Formula 1 engine freeze rule.

It is widely recognised that the Mercedes V6 power unit is in a class of its own this year in terms of top end power.

This winter, the engine suppliers currently involved in F1 (Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault) will be allowed to develop their turbo hybrid engines by way of a token system.

However, Austrian Wolff says suppliers are now looking at allowing those tokens to be spent throughout the season rather than just the off-season.

Taking to Sky Sports F1, Wolff said “You don’t want to open up the homologation and the freeze, the question is about consuming those tokens at any given moment during the year, but it is early days”.

“We are going to reconvene and discuss properly and see what we do, but we [Mercedes] are pretty open to everything. If we at the same time can work on our engine then we have no problem,” Wolff added.