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F1: Video of the Shell trackside laboratory

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Khatir Soltani
From Shell

Powered and protected by Shell, the Scuderia Ferrari has worked to develop the new Ferrari F10. Shell V-Power fuel and Shell Helix lubricants are crafted especially for Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One.

More than 50 Shell staff are dedicated to supporting Ferrari at Shell facilities in the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland, as well as Ferrari's spiritual home in Maranello and at the world's Grand Prix circuits. Shell staff invests approximately 18,000 man-hours supporting the technical partnership.

The FIA Formula 1 regulations states that only eight engines can be used by each driver for the entire season, presenting a new challenge to the Shell scientists involved in the technical partnership with Ferrari.

Shell Helix Ultra is primarily designed to protect all the moving parts that rub together from mechanical wear. The oil is fed to the bearings of the camshafts, thereby minimising wear caused by friction and enhancing the engine's reliability.

The engine speed is limited to 18,000rpm (revolutions per minute), but the conditions under which Shell Helix Ultra runs through the Ferrari engine remain extremely demanding.

The ability of an engine oil to cool as well as lubricate is often overlooked. Pistons can exceed temperatures of 300°C so the engine oil is sprayed on the underside of the pistons to keep them cool. Without this extra protection they would undoubtedly fail during a Grand Prix.

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