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Fiat 500 Lands in a Museum, on a Stamp and in a Short Film for its 60th Anniversary

The very first Fiat 500 was built in Turin, Italy on July 4th, 1957, which means it is now celebrating its 60th anniversary. For the occasion, this true automotive icon has joined the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

"While the Fiat 500 has unquestionably left its mark on automotive history, it is equally true that it has never been just a car," said Olivier François, Head of Fiat Brand and Chief Marketing Officer at FCA. "In its 60 years of history, the 500 has transcended its material manifestation to enter the collective imagination and become an icon, which has now the honour of being certified by being acquired by MoMA in a tribute to its artistic and cultural value."

Meanwhile, a commemorative stamp honouring the Fiat 500’s 60th birthday was unveiled in Turin during a special ceremony. This collector's item, produced in an edition of 1,000,000 and on sale from today, juxtaposes the silhouette of the original 500 and that of the current model.

Photo: Fiat

Finally, Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody stars alongside the Fiat 500 in a short film that’s part of the car’s new global marketing campaign. You can watch the 4-minute clip below: