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A first look at a Subaru SUV concept, the VIZIV Adrenaline

Subaru confirmed it will present a new utility concept next month at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. For the moment, we’ve got just one image and a scarce few details to go on, but here’s what we know or think we might know:

The prototype is called the VIZIV Adrenaline Concept, and the likelihood is that it will be more or less in the same size range as the Ford Edge, Nissan Murano and new Honda Passport and Chevrolet Blazer. This growing segment occupies a spot above the category of two-row compact SUVs and below the bigger 3-row haulers.

It shape is notable rounder overall than Subaru’s current utility models like the Forester and the new Ascent. The very name Adrenaline also implies at least a modicum of performance and sportiness. Also noted is the elevated ground clearance of the model.

For the moment it’s impossible to tell if we’re dealing with simply a design study, meant to foreshadow future Subaru design directions, or a model that will wind its way to a production version. Recall that Subaru has already presented six other concepts with the VIZIV designation (which stands for Vision for Innovation) since 2013; the latest was the VZIV Tourer, introduced in Geneva last year, and it has not advanced to the production stage.

Stay tuned for the Geneva Motor Show on March 5 for full details!

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