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Geneva 2018: Subaru VIZIV Tourer Concept Revealed

The latest in Subaru’s line of VIZIV concept vehicles has been unveiled at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show taking place this week.

The VIVIZ Tourer Concept is underpinned by a symmetrical all-wheel drive layout working with a boxer engine, and it features a number of advanced drive-assist technologies, such as the EyeSight system with semi-autonomous cruise control, that will make the driving experience, especially longer road trips, less tiring and more enjoyable, not to mention safer.

In terms of design, the new Subaru VIZIV Tourer leads with its distinctive hexagonal grille that fronts a bold, forward-leaning body with a long wheelbase (2730 mm). Four prominent fenders accent the active-lifestyle vocation of this, and all, Subaru models while providing an added measure of protection.

As you’d expect from a wagon, luggage and cargo space in the rear is more than plentiful. On the other hand, seating is only provided for four occupants, so at least in its concept version this is no big family wagon, in spite of its length.

The company aims to have a production-ready version of its new long-roof wagon ready to go by 2020. Whether North American consumers will ever see it appear at Subaru dealerships here remains an unanswered question, however. More likely is that many of the new innovations, technical and design-wise, that are being developed in the new VIZIV Tourer will make their way into the next generation of existing Subaru models we know and love. Many are openly dreaming of a wagon version of the WRX, due for a new generation right around the time this VIXIV Tourer is scheduled to hit the market.

Take a look back at earlier VIZIV concepts that have seen the light of day, for example the VIZIV Performance sedan, previewed in Tokyo last fall, the large VIZIV-7 SUV, first shown in Los Angeles in late 2016, and even the very first VIZIV-branded prototype, unveiled back in 2013!


VIZIV Tourer Concept
Photo: Subaru
VIZIV Tourer Concept