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Fisker Karma reborn as Karma Revero

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The late Fisker Karma has made a lot of headlines since production ended and China’s Wanxiang bought the company. We’ve just learned that the electric luxury car won’t be named Elux Karma as initially rumoured, but rather Revero, which roughly translates to “truth.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Karma Automotive has moved production tools and equipment to California from Finland, where the Fisker Karma used to be built. The Revero is expected to be officially introduced in July or August.

“If you manufacture all kinds of hype then fail to deliver on time, it undermines your credibility,” said Jim Taylor, a former GM executive who is now Karma’s chief marketing officer. “We are being careful about making promises [because] things happen in car development.”

Taylor also insisted that Karma Automotive is taking all the necessary measures to avoid the quality problems that ultimately doomed the original Karma. The Revero will be submitted to rigorous testing before its launch.

Most buyers won’t be able to immediately notice the changes being made to the vehicle under new management, but “there are huge, serious, major upgrades throughout the electronics systems, wiring, charging, battery,” he said. 

Time will tell if the new Karma is good enough to make the old one a distant memory.