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Ford pays nearly $200,000 USD to buy a Tesla Model X

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Ford recently spent $199,950 USD (approx. $252,000 CAD) to purchase one of the first copies of the new Tesla Model X crossover ― unit No. 86 to be exact. That’s $55,000 USD more than the sticker price, as Bloomberg points out.

What’s the deal? Well, automakers have a history of buying successful models from the competition to study them. In this case, Ford likely wants to know more about the technology at work in the Tesla Model X, so engineers will soon get busy dissecting the electric luxury crossover. 

Before that, however, numerous Ford employees took turns behind the wheel and test drove the Model X in the streets of Detroit to get a sense of how the vehicle handles and operates.

It will be interesting to see what new innovations Ford has in store for us when its future electric vehicles come around.