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Formula 4: Lance Stroll clinches series' title in Vallelunga

Canadian Lance Stroll Sunday captured the title of the 2014 Formula 4 Italian Championship in Vallelunga, Italy.

Stroll, a member of the Prema Power team, scored two wins in the weekend’s three races to clinch the title early in the season, as there are still two rounds to go.

“My teammate [Brendon Maisano] was leading the race [race 3] but I pushed him as hard as possible because I wanted to clinch the title with a victory. I managed to pass him to collect the victory, which was a great satisfaction for me,” Stroll explained after the race.

F4 Lance Stroll Vallelunga
Lance Stroll (No. 18), leading the race. (Photo: F4 Italian Championship)

Lance Stoll results:

Round 1
Starting grid: P4
Finishing position: P2

Round 2
Starting grid: P9
Finishing position: P1

Round 3
Starting grid: P2
Finishing position: P1

Championship standings:
1-Lance Stroll, 302 points
2-Andrea Russo, 153
3-Leonardo Pulcini, 150

Races left:
Monza, September 28
Imola: October 12