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GP2: DRS system to be introduced in 2015

GP2 Series organisers have announced Wednesday that a DRS device will be introduced in the Series next season.

The GP2 philosophy is to prepare the drivers for F1 and because the next generation car will be introduced in 2017, the organizers felt important to keep adding modifications, at a reasonable cost.

"We have to make sure that we keep in line with our mission statement: preparing the drivers for the next step, Formula One. We thought that DRS was the best technical development to introduce and we discussed it with the teams over a year ago. They were all in favour of it as they felt it would make GP2 even more attractive to the drivers, but only if it was an identical system to the one used in F1," explained GP2 series' CEO Bruno Michel.

F1 Red Bull DRS rear wing
DRS rear wing of the Red Bull. (Photo: WRi2)

"Our DRS will be the exact copy of the one used in F1, with the same DRS zones since we’re racing on the same tracks. The drivers will be able to activate it within one second of the car in front at the DRS detection point, with the same level of safety, and with the same suppliers. It will have a hydraulic activation to ensure there’s a very fast movement of the flap with a capacity to open at high speed," detailed Bruno Michel.

The GP2 Series organizers already delayed the DRS system last year, in order to not affect the budgets of the teams

The DRS will be tested on GP2 Series development car for the first time in late October in Europe and again in December in the Middle East. The teams will receive the kit in January.