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GT: Sebastien Loeb Racing angry with McLaren

Sebastien Loeb Racing, which runs a pair of McLaren MP4-12Cs in various GT endurance series, is angry with the famed British sports car manufacturer.

After it finished third in the final round of the FFSA GT French Championship last Sunday at the Paul Ricard circuit in France, the No. 19 McLaren MP4-12C ran by Sébastien Loeb Racing was disqualified at the technical inspection due to a problem with the turbo pressure.

It was not the first time this season that Loeb’s team was disqualified following the technical inspection in the FIA GT Series and the French GT Championship.

GT McLaren MP4-12C Sébastien Loeb Racing
McLaren MP4-12C of Sebastien Loeb Racing. (Photo: WRI2)

The French team published this press release following this last incident.

“At Nogaro, Zandvoort, Magny-Cours and this Sunday at Paul Ricard, one of our McLarens was disqualified following the technical inspection, either in qualifying or after the race.,” recalls Dominique Heintz, Sebastien Loeb Racing team manager.

“We have been patient but the situation is no longer tolerable. Today, I’m clearly very disappointed, and even furious. The entire team shares my sentiments. I’m upset because all the guys on the team give their all every day to get the best results, and because Sebastien and Christophe Lapierre had a great race and took risks…all for nothing!

“These disqualifications are not attributable to our technical team or something our mechanics have done. It’s McLaren’s fault and their engineers have stated it. This has cost us relatively important results depending on the case, including a podium finish this past Sunday. Not being at fault for these issues, we still suffer the consequences, and we are annoyed to suffer these.

“The McLaren MP4-12C is a car that we like in terms of pure performance, but these types of issues shouldn’t keep happening and that’s why we will contact McLaren management as soon as Monday. We’ve already alerted them to the situation and today it’s time they take action. Solutions must be found.”