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Buying Guide: The Best Summer and All-Season Tires for Larger SUVs and Pickups in Canada for 2024

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Éric Descarries
Here’s our guide to the best summer and all-season tires available in Canada this season.

Other Brands

Michelin Defender LTX tire
Michelin Defender LTX tire | Photo: Michelin


Of course, we couldn't leave Michelin out, but in fact its involvement in the off-road tire segment is mainly through its BF Goodrich division (mentioned above). 

However, for long treks and road trips, Michelin offers an excellent product, the Defender LTX, as well as the more affordable Latitude Tour HP. Michelin also offers a winter- and summer-rated tire for trucks, the Agilis Cross-Climate.

Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek tire
Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek tire | Photo: Cooper

Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek

An interesting choice for the price, but a little less sophisticated. Perhaps now that Cooper is in the Goodyear fold, the product is becoming more technologically advanced.

Scorpion All Terrain Plus tire
Scorpion All Terrain Plus tire | Photo: Scorpion

Scorpion All Terrain Plus

Another very interesting choice, but a little expensive. However, it's well-designed. It hasn’t pierced the market as much as many of its competitors.

Hankook Dynapro A/T tire
Hankook Dynapro A/T tire | Photo: Hankook
Hankook Dynapro A/T tires on a Ford F-150 Powerboost
Hankook Dynapro A/T tires on a Ford F-150 Powerboost | Photo: D.Heyman

Hankook Dynapro A/T

South Korean manufacturer Hankook makes quality products, which is reflected in their products increasingly chosen as original equipment on certain vehicles out of the factory. Very possibly a choice to consider if the price is right.

Kumho Road Venture tire
Kumho Road Venture tire | Photo: Kumho

Kumho Road Venture

Kumho is another South Korean tiremaker; its Road Venture is a good product, but it remains less well known and less widely distributed than the competition.

Dunlop Grandtrek tires, on the new Toyota Land Cruiser
Dunlop Grandtrek tires, on the new Toyota Land Cruiser | Photo: Toyota

Dunlop Grandtrek

In America, Dunlop is part of Goodyear. This is a good brand with good products, but those products have a more limited distribution in Canada. Worth considering.

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