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Honda at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show : Address by President and CEO Takanobu Ito

Since Honda's foundation, creating personal mobility as a means to provide basic transportation for people has been the primary focus of our business. By continuing to provide more freedom and the fun of mobility and help people lead more convenient and comfortable lives, last year, we provided some 23 million motorcycles, automobiles and power products to our customers around the world.

Leveraging our strength as a manufacturer of motorcycles, automobiles, and power products, we will strive to be at the forefront in the area of the environment and energy technology by addressing the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions in a more comprehensive manner through further improvement in the fuel economy of existing products and also through the use of new technologies, such as solar cells and electromotive technologies, for each type of mobility product.

At this year's motor show, we designed our booth to propose Honda's vision for mobility of the near future. We are proposing the concept of "Hello!" representing the "Honda Electric mobility Loop" which attempts to comprehensively express our vision to provide both products that generate electricity and mobility products that run on electricity.

These are the products displayed at the "Hello!"zone.
The central Hello! product is the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle, which runs on electricity generated by hydrogen reacting with oxygen.
This compact city commuter is the EV-N, a battery electric vehicle for which Honda pursued a very simple design form.
The EV-Cub is an electric motorcycle offering the familiar design and outstanding convenience expected of a Super Cub.
The EV-Monpal is an electric personal mobility which helps to permit a life with greater peace of mind and comfort.
And this is our new mobility device, the U3-X, which uses technologies developed through the ASIMO bipedal humanoid program and was designed to co-exist in harmony with people.
All of these products run on clean energy -- either hydrogen or electricity -- produced from solar power.
In addition, each model features interactive communication technologies that showcase the fun ways in which mobility devices can interact with people and society.