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Hydrogen Honda FC Sport hits the floor at L.A.

Automotive expert , Updated:
Honda's V-Flow fuel cell technology has found its way into a unique sports car called the Honda FC Sport. A design study model, (or concept, for short), the hydrogen-powered three-seat sports car was just unveiled at the LA Auto Show.

Emphasizing the flexibility of the technology which is already employed by the FCX Clarity sedan, designers have configured the hydrogen system into a lightweight sports car with a very low centre of gravity and powerful electric motor.

Harmful emissions? Zip. The FC Sport runs solely on voltage provided by a chemical reaction that takes place within its fuel cell.

We'll spare you the science lesson and just say that hydrogen goes in, and water vapor and electricity come out. FC Sport uses a customized fuel cell mounted behind the rear seats, with hydrogen storage tanks visible above the rear axle. The battery pack is mounted low, and the vehicle's mass is centered mainly between the axles- so stable and agile handling are promised.

"The Honda FC Sport explores how to satisfy automotive performance enthusiasts in a world beyond petroleum," said Dan Bonawitz, V.P. of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "People who love sports cars will still have a reason to love in a hydrogen-powered future."