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IndyCar: Carbon-fibre visor strips probably saved lives in crash

Strips of carbon fibre secured on top of the visors of the crash helmets probably saved drivers from being injured during last weekend IndyCar race on Indianapolis’ road course.

Rookie Martin Plowman tweeted a frightening image of the carbon strip of his helmet after the race

IndyCar Martin Plowan’s damaged helmet
Martin Plowan’s damaged helmet (Photo: Martin Plowman Twitter)

The damage to his helmet was caused by a piece of flying debris from a crash at the starting line of the race. Sebastian Saavedra stalled from pole position on the grid and was hit by two cars from behind.

Plowman drove through the flying debris but was luckily not injured.

Carbon fibre strips may soon be made mandatory in the IndyCar series.

Interestingly, bulletproof Zylon helmet visor strips are mandatory in Formula 1 since the 2011 Japanese Grand Prix.

IndyCar Jacques Villeneuve helmet carbon fibre strip
Former F1 World Champion, Jacques Villeneuve is already wearing a helmet that has a carbon fibre strip. (Photo: IMS)