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IndyCar: Safety updates for the Dallara DW12

The IndyCar Series has announced that it will bring safety updates for its DW12 chassis focusing mainly on improved driver protection in side impacts.

This will be made possible through the addition of carbon fibre panels to both the exterior and interior of the cockpit.

This will supplement the Xylon anti-intrusion panels that were introduced over six years ago. This should increase the chassis' side impact integrity by 60 per cent.
Also, a carbon fibre reinforcement ring is being added to increase the structural integrity of the cockpit opening, and the headrests have been modified to reduce the helmet buffeting effect on road and street courses.

Other changes will include a switch from carbon to engineered plastic foam for the panels located outside the drivers' thighs, and the road course rear wheel pods have been strengthened.

The upgrades add around 10 pounds to the rolling weight of the chassis, and will be required for all cars entered in this year's Indianapolis 500.

An IndyCar statement said that power steering is still being considered for the future.