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Inferno, the first Mexican supercar, puts out 1,400 hp!

The 1,000hp supercar club has a new member. The Inferno, Mexico’s first-ever supercar, was unveiled this week.

Designed by a team of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers from Mexico, Italy and the U.S., this monster can sprint from 0-100 km/h in less than 3.0 seconds thanks to a 1,400-horsepower engine. Top speed is rated at 395 km/h. 

The Inferno’s body is an alloy made of zinc, aluminum and silver. According to the Inferno Exotic Car website, it’s like an armoured vehicle, but much lighter. The company also claims that this super material can stretch until it reaches 100 times its original length without affecting its properties.

One of the men behind Inferno is world-renowned designer Antonio Ferraioli, who previously worked on numerous Lamborghini cars. It took him seven years to pen this one.

Series production and pricing have yet to be confirmed.