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Amazon Will Give You $50 to Test Drive an Infiniti

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The last few months have been tough on Infiniti. Sales are down and the lineup it fields is aging, with no new models on the horizon. The last model to get renewed was the QX50 SUV, and even there sales haven’t really followed.

Simply put, the company is looking for ways to sell more vehicles. While there are plans to introduce electrified vehicles by the turn of the next decade, that’s pretty far away. Infiniti needs to move units, now.

One step the automaker is taking to achieve that is a new partnership with online retailing giant Amazon. The program, which has actually been in place since the month of July, allows qualified Amazon customers to sign up for a test drive at the Infiniti dealership of their choice. Those willing to sacrifice a couple of hours of their time and accept a friendly sales pitch will be rewarded with a $50 gift card they can use on

The number of gift cards available is limited, and the promotion ends on October 3rd. According to Infiniti, 450 road tests have taken place under this promotion across Canada.

“The digital program ultimately provides a new and unique way for the automotive brand to connect with customers.”

- Infiniti

It’s an interesting initiative, to be sure, but it does make one wonder why we heard virtually nothing about the promotion when it first launched back in July.

Sometimes you can understand why an automaker is struggling simply by looking at its behaviour…