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Insuring a used car

Choosing insurance for a used car is not very different from insuring a new vehicle. The type of vehicle you choose will be just as influential in determining your insurance rates. This is why it is important to fully understand the differences between various vehicle models. Certain models are at greater risk of theft than others, are involved in more accidents, have more claims made on them, etc. In addition, as with a new car, an interlock antitheft system can lower your used car insurance costs, whichever vehicle you choose.

If a number of different vehicle models interest you, don’t hesitate to use the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s charts to compare their statistics in terms of theft and accident rates. The majority of insurance companies can also provide you with the insurance rates for a used car of any make or model. Some insurers will allow you to obtain a quote for a given vehicle model directly on their website.

In the market for a used car or truck? Our section offering tips for buying a used car and for insurance could be very useful to you! For example, you’ll find there advice to help you avoid buying a stolen car, or a rebuilt vehicle that could compromise your safety. 

In addition, to make sure you choose your insurer wisely and avoid any chance of fraud, consult the How to Choose an Insurer portion of our new-car insurance section.