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Iris HUD, new head-up display to replace your sun visor

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Iris HUD is a new head-up display system that is mounted to the driver's sun visor and provides a host of information such as navigation and incoming calls. It uses laser projection similar to dashboard-mounted systems, Digital Trends reports.

Connecting to a user's smartphone via Bluetooth, Iris HUD features motion recognition technology allowing the driver to take a call with a swipe to the right or decline it with a swipe to the left, in which case a message is automatically sent to the caller specifying that the driver is behind the wheel. 

With regard to navigation, Iris HUD incorporates geolocation information for a truly real-time experience. The system can even detect red-light cameras and school zones, and alerts the driver when they exceed the speed limit.

A crowdfunding campaign has just been launched on Indiegogo with the goal of mass producing Iris HUD. If all goes according to plan, the device will go on sale this fall at $499 USD – or $299 for those who make early pledges.