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It happened on December 12th: GM tolls Oldsmobile's bell

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Josée Paquet
On December 12th, 2000, General Motors announced the termination of the Oldsmobile brand as the automaker restructured its operations to benefit Buick and Pontiac. The last car ever built by Oldsmobile was an Alero, on April 29th, 2004.

Oldsmobile was originally founded in 1897 and purchased by GM in 1908. Known over the years for its various innovations, such as the V8 engine and automatic transmission, the company enjoyed much success from the 1950s through the 1980s, but started to fade rapidly afterwards.

Sources: CNN and Wikipedia

Oldsmobile Toronado
Oldsmobile Toronado. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Josée Paquet
Josée Paquet
Automotive expert