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It happened on November 28th: First motor car race in the U.S.

The first-ever motor car race in the U.S. took place on November 28th, 1895 -- which happened to be Thanksgiving Day. Due to poor weather conditions, only 6 of 89 contestants lined up on the starting grid.

Sponsored by the Chicago Times-Herald, the race covered 50 miles (about 80 kilometres) from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois, and back. The winner was Frank Duryea, who had designed his car with the help of his brother, after a 10-hour ordeal that reportedly included 8'' of snow.

The event aimed to promote the emerging American auto industry, and the Duryea brothers considered it a success: In the following year, they sold 13 of their eponymous Motor Wagons, more than any other car maker in the country.

Source: History