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Land Rover looks back at 2 Canadians’ Grizzly Torque Adventure Around the World

As part of it series of brand-related retrospectives to mark the 70th anniversary of the company’s existence, Land Rover has released a new video that takes a look at a unique and remarkable trip taken around the world in 1957 by… two Canadians. The young men traveled 60,000 km and covered 4 continents over a 14-month period aboard a custom-built 1957 Land Rover.

Photo: Land Rover

Here’s how Land Rover introduces the video:

In 1957, Robert Bateman and Bristol Foster took a journey around the world with nothing other than a sense of curiosity for the unknown and a Land Rover. The "Grizzly Torque" took the two Canadians to 19 countries on 4 different continents for an unforgettable 14-month long journey. Today, 61 years later, Bateman and Foster relive their experience and the many emotions that came along with their Above and Beyond expedition.