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Lexus Set to Launch a New Concept Vehicle in Frankfurt

Lexus has chosen the backdrop of the Frankfurt Auto Show to introduce a concept vehicle of which few details have yet been released other than a furtive picture of the driver-side headlight.

The headlight bears a resemblance with those found on the LF-CC Concept, introduced at the Paris Motor Show last fall, which is expected to eventually morph into the new soon-to-be-released RC Coupe. Several sources claim that the vehicle will most likely be in the compact SUV category. Tune in to the September 10th Lexus press conference to find out more.

The European launch of the GS 300h is also planned for Frankfurt. Equipped with the Hybrid 2.5 litre Lexus powertrain, the vehicle offers both lower emissions and improved fuel economy.

Lexus Concept headlight
Photo: Lexus