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Lincoln Continental Gets Suicide Doors for 80th Birthday

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Earlier this week we reported on a teaser image published by Lincoln that alluded to the possibility it may once again produce a car with so-called suicide doors. There was no indication if it would be applied to an entirely new model or to the Continental, which featured the design back in the 1960s.

That bit of news didn’t take long to go public. The company has provided details and a series of images that outline the return of suicide doors for a special edition of the 2019 model-year Continental.

The official reason for the new creation is to mark the 80th anniversary of the model’s existence. The Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition, as its official name goes, will have a production run of… 80 units.

The reason behind the official reason is likely to try to breathe new life into product that, for all its many qualities and despite its attractive design, has struggled to win over large numbers of buyers in the segment.

Photo: Lincoln

The change made for the special edition is immediately apparent when looking at it from the outside, for starters with the placement of the door handles, and it’s even more glaring with the doors open.

In the process the vehicle’s wheelbase has also been stretched, by some 6 inches or 15 cm. the beneficiaries of this necessary change are those taking their place in the back row, which will of course be the place to be in this luxury car.

The interior also gets a few additional extras, for instance a work table, support for iPad-type devices and a space for wireless charging. Premium materials from the carmaker’s Black Label range of style and finishing elements are also present.

"People appreciate elegance and glamour. And they want the easiest way to get in and out of a vehicle. These doors answer to both."

- David Woodhouse, Lincoln design director

Photo: Lincoln

If the model and its unique design feature interest you, take note that its very limited 80-unit production run will make it a rare catch!

At the same time, we’ll make a bold prediction here and say that if demand is strong for this edition, there will be more coming off the assembly line. Lincoln is currently in no position to say no to additional revenue sources.

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Photos of the 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

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