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Life-size Little Tike car hits the road in the U.K.

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A dream come true for millions of children turned grown-ups: Little Tike’s famous red and yellow car is now available for purchase in an adult-size format, BBC reports. It runs on gasoline, has headlights and airbags, and can even drive on the highway!

Brothers John and Geof Bitmead built this real-world replica from a Daewoo Matiz, because the headlights of the latter reminded them of their childhood toy. They called it “Big Tike,” and people were immediately intrigued.

Now, interest seems to have faded, and the brothers are selling the car for £21,500 (approx. $42,900) after it cost them more than £30,000 ($60,000) to build. With the money, they hope to design an Addams Family-inspired camper van.