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Mini Changes Name of Wheels on its 2020 Cooper SE

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A few months ago, Mini introduced the Cooper SE 2020, the brand’s first all-electric model. The car has all the charm of a Mini and offers all the advantages of an electric car, including a heaping spoonful of driving pleasure.

The little SE is also super stylish and it even has several unique features, such as unique and spectacular rims. However, when the model first appeared on the market, nobody paid particular attention to the name given them: "Corona Spoke".

Now, it’s easy to see why the company might have revisited the name. Mini has officially branded those rims the “Power Spoke".

A spokesperson for the UK-based BMW division explained the company's decision to CarBuzz website: “This was done to ensure Mini remains sensitive to all those experiencing the widespread impacts of Covid-19.”

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Of course, Mini can’t be blamed for making an unfortunate marketing choice: its rims were christened long before the pandemic began.

This decision is just one of many anecdotes surrounding the crisis facing the planet. There’s a little something wacky, but also sad about it. And it also demonstrates just how sensitive companies are regarding any association with the name Corona as the planet struggles to cope with and find a way out of the current mess. Just ask the brewing company behind Corona beer.

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