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My impressions of the 2007 Chicago Auto Show

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Mathieu St-Pierre
My impressions of the 2007 Chicago Auto Show

How about that? A large American car show that is relaxed, airy and plenty enjoyable. The 99th edition (my first) of the Chicago Auto Show was a very pleasant surprise. McCormick Place is huge yet cozy when it comes to the manufacturer floor layout. Even with over 1,000 cars on display, not once did I feel cramped. The atmosphere is welcoming even though every time I stepped onto the showroom floor after left for various reasons, I had to get my bag checked.

2008 Pontiac G8

The big BIG winners of this show were both General Motors and DaimlerChrysler. GM launched some of its most exciting products for as long as I can remember and DCX had three road courses plus their displays that covered close to one fifth of the South building show surface. GM's Astra, G8, trucks and Corvettes reminded everyone around of who is still #1. Chrysler's own show of strength came in the shape of their huge new Ram 4500 and 5500 not to mention the funky lunchbox press kits which I could not bring back with me for lack of space.

On an only milder scale, Toyota and Nissan proved that they can be big players as well. Both manufacturers had large well laid-out show floors. The major difference between the two resided only in the fact that the Tundra seriously undercuts the Titan price-wise; this is bad for Nissan as the Titan is not exactly popular...

On a much less brighter note, the situation is not looking very good at Ford. I will abstain from making derogatory remarks but suffice it to say that they are scrambling for ideas to stay afloat. While GM is moving forward and Chrysler is sitting quietly in its corner, Ford is looking grim. Click here for the story.

2008 Ford Taurus
If you are a car enthusiast, are looking to experience a new type of "complete large show without the madness" and are ever in the Chicago area in mid February, I would certainly recommend that you stop in.

Very hot stuff:
Saturn Astra
Pontiac G8

Hot Stuff:
Volkswagen R32
Scion xB and xD

Not so hot:
Pathfinder V8 (why?)
Mathieu St-Pierre
Mathieu St-Pierre
Automotive expert