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Mysterious Tesla "D" coming on October 9th

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Tesla excels at creating a buzz around a new model or technology. Yesterday, CEO Elon Musk tweeted a picture and said “time to unveil the D and something else.”

Apparently, we'll find out what this all means on October 9th.

The picture shows a garage door with a big letter “D” on it, and we can see through the narrow opening the front of a (new?) Tesla.

Some have speculated that the recently announced Model 3 compact sedan could be renamed “Model D,” while others say it could be a smaller CUV than the upcoming Model X.

According to CNN Money, the most likely explanation is that the “D” either refers to a driver assist feature or some kind of all-wheel drive for the Model S, which to this point has been rear-wheel drive only. Also, Musk previously stated that Tesla was working on an autonomous driving technology for the Model S.

As for that “something else,” we don't have a single clue. Next Thursday can't come soon enough!

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Mysterious Tesla “D” coming on October 9th
Photo: Tesla