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New hybrids and EVs coming from Nissan in 2016?

The Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported on January 3rd that Nissan will unveil new hybrid and electric vehicles during the 2016 fiscal year including the next-generation LEAF with increased range and a lower price. 

As you probably know, the LEAF is currently the world's best-selling all-electric vehicle with more than 150,000 units sold since launching in 2010.

Without naming sources, Nikkei also reported that Nissan will develop an electric microcar together with Mitsubishi. While the range won't exceed the LEAF's, pricing is expected to start under $15,000 CAD. The same two companies announced a few months earlier that they are planning a new hybrid model based on the Mitsubishi Dayz vehicles, although market availability remains to be specified. 

What's more, a hybrid version of the Nissan Note (a.k.a. Versa Note in Canada) will be launched in certain yet-unidentified markets.

Source: Nikkei