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New 2020 Hyundai Venue Small SUV Will Debut in New York

The lone teaser image released so far gives no clue as to the crossover’s design Automotive columnist: , Updated:

Hyundai will use the occasion of the New York auto show in mid-April to lift the veil on a new crossover. The 2020 Hyundai Venue SUV will fit into the Korean automaker’s lineup below the Kona.
This is of course will make the Venue the smallest of the company’s SUV offerings. It will vie in a segment that sits between small cars and subcompact SUVs, a category that is actually relatively new to North America.

A good example of the segment is the Kicks from Nissan.

As for Hyundai’s Venue, we know very little for the moment other than it will be in NYC. The automaker has released three teaser images, only one of which actually shows any part of the vehicle – and it’s of the nameplate on the back. The two other images, of a rooftop party and of a street scene in the Chinese quarter of Singapore, are both very nice but they reveal nothing about the new crossover.

We expect some more teasers in order to pump up interest to the max, and of course we’ll know full details and specifications when the model gets it big reveal on April 17. We’ll be on hand for that and will be reporting on all the big news from the auto show.