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New nanoFlowcell QUANTiNO ready to wow Geneva crowd

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As a smaller sibling of the QUANT E and the recently announced QUANT F, the nanoflowcell QUANTiNO will make its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next month. It's the first low-voltage (48V) vehicle in the QUANT lineup, and it reportedly offers a range of over 1,000 km.

The 2+2 QUANTiNO uses four 25kW electric motors to generate around 136 hp and reach a top speed of 200 km/h. Riding on the same 22” wheels as the QUANT E and QUANT F, it stands 3.91m long and includes two 175L tanks of ionic liquid.

"The QUANTiNO is an electric vehicle for everyone. Affordable and featuring an extravagant, unique design. It is not just a concept vehicle -- it will become reality in the course of this year. We will be driving the QUANTiNO in 2015. And we aim to attain approval for road use very quickly," says Nunzio La Vecchia, Chief Technical Officer at nanoFlowcell AG, regarding the latest model from the QUANT family.