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A tire that generates electricity

Goodyear sparks the imagination Automotive expert , Updated:

The Geneva auto show is more than simply about cars. Having attended a number of times over the years, the Palexpo is also home to a huge number of booths that features new and innovative products related to cars, from tools to tires. 

Goodyear, a top tier tire maker, took this opportunity to introduce an electricity-producing BHO3 and shape-shifting Triple Tube concept tire. 

This tire is said to generate electricity through the heat and deformation a tire goes through as it rolls along, simply doing its job. There are no current indications as to how much electricity they actually create however it could be conceivable that they are part of a future where EV range anxiety becomes a thing of the past and where recharging is completed on the fly. 

The BH03 uses 3 tubes that can have their pressures adjusted independently through the use of an internal pump depending on the driving requirements. There are no current plans to produce said tires however the oddly named BHO3s are pretty cool to look at, if anything.