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Nissan confirms limited Juke-R production

Nissan confirms limited Juke-R production

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What started as nothing but a flashy concept has now become a reality. The Nissan Juke-R, which made its global debut in Dubai this past January, will soon enter limited production.

According to Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Product Manager for the Juke, people were making offers for the original right on the street.

Nissan Juke-R
Photo: Nissan

''With such a strong reaction, we decided we had to make the car a reality,'' he said. ''We can't let down enthusiasts who are this keen to add to their collection of cars.''

A cross between the regular Juke and the almighty GT-R supercar, the Nissan Juke-R boasts a 3.8L twin-turbo V6 engine. However, instead of the concept's 480 horsepower, the production model will unleash up to 545 ponies and achieve a top speed of nearly 260 km/h! The interior has been extensively revised as well.

Nissan has already taken three orders, with deliveries scheduled for late summer.

Pricing remains undisclosed, but some sources claim that buyers will have to spend no less than $600,000. Will you be among the few lucky ones to own a Juke-R?