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Tokyo 2015: Nissan presents Gripz and 2020 Vision Gran Turismo concepts

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Nissan presented the Gripz and 2020 Vision Gran Turismo concepts at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show. These two vehicles offer a peek into the future direction of Nissan in terms of design and mobility technology.

The Gripz, which originally debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show last month, is a compact CUV with a 2+2 seating configuration. It is inspired from rally cars of the 1970s such as the Datsun 240Z Safari Rally Z, and combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor sourced from the Nissan LEAF.

Meanwhile, the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo is a real-world embodiment of a virtual car. It was developed by Nissan and Polyphony Digital Inc., the same company that created the popular Gran Turismo video games for PlayStation. Nissan previously said it gives hints as to how a supercar of the future might look.