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Nissan and Honda Reportedly Discussing EV Partnership

Partnership between Honda and Nissan | Photo: D.Heyman / V.Aubé
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Daniel Rufiange
The next challenge for automakers will be to offer more affordable electric vehicles

Nissan and Honda are reportedly discussing a possible alliance to develop affordable electric vehicles, according to the Nikkei Asia daily, which cites unnamed sources. The aim is to combat imports of similar products from China. 

According to the sources, who are from Nissan, the company would like to adopt a common powertrain for its Honda’s electric vehicles, using a motor that the two manufacturers could buy together from a supplier. In addition, Nissan would like to design and develop a common platform with Honda. Should an agreement be reached, the two manufacturers could join forces for supplies of batteries, among other elements.

The idea is said to have been floated recently, but for now there’s been no reaction from Honda, either from official or unnamed sources. 

The development of affordable electric vehicles represents a major challenge for manufacturers. The biggest problem comes from Chinese manufacturers, who are able to offer affordable electric vehicles while remaining profitable, thanks in part to government participation and the sheer size of the Chinese market. 

To counter the Chinese manufacturers' advantage, there are plans in Europe to introduce tariffs on EVs made in China, all to encourage healthy competition. In the United States, measures are already in place to prevent an invasion of the market by Chinese vehicles.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this issue. If there's one thing that many consumers who are ready to switch to an electric vehicle are clamoring for, it's more affordable models.

Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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