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Norway still the king of hybrids and electric cars

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Norway has long been a hotbed for hybrids and electric cars, and things aren’t about to change. 

During the month of March 2016, 2,595 electric cars, 2,042 plug-in hybrids, and 3,396 hybrids were registered across the country, representing around 60% of all new vehicles. On top of that, 465 used electric cars and many other used hybrids were registered.

Green Car Reports shared the information after the numbers were published by Dinside Motor

The Nissan LEAF was the third-best-selling car in Norway last month, which clearly demonstrates the country’s addiction to electric cars. Very generous government incentives, tremendous benefits like free parking and public charging, no-toll access, and virtually no taxes are big reasons why. 

Norway even aims to make nearly 100% of all passenger cars on the road emission-free by 2025. They’re certainly heading in the right direction!