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Plug-in Hybrid Hummers to tackle Antarctica

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Betcha never thought you’d see those words strung together: plug-in hybrid Hummer. You’re not imagining things though, it seems a team of polar explorers have done the impossible and created monstrous, energy-efficient and planet-saving Hummers to accompany them on their first trip to the South Pole. 

Zero South are a group who’s main focus is to drive the south pole burning zero fossil fuels, hence the name: Zero South. Why the Hummer? Well, the team chose repurposed Hummer H1 vehicles because of their size/shape/wide stance. Also for their towing capabilities, as one will tow a modified Airstream where the team will sleep. 

According to, the two tricked out Hummers feature Mattracks for more grip, along with reinforced suspensions, along with 3.2L bio-diesel engines coupled with two electric motors (front and rear) and a 24 kWh battery that will charge the electric motors as they drive. 

You’ll be able to follow Zero South’s adventures in the snow and ice aboard the Hummer Hybrid duo on their 10-part video series that will follow their journey.