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Top 5 things to look for when parking at the airport

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Khatir Soltani
Top 5 things to look for when parking at the airport
This year, travel is back in full swing. If you're heading to the airport soon, and you're taking the car, you'll need to reserve a parking spot.
Find out here the 5 essential steps to get the best service at the best price.
Make your reservation in advance
While it's tempting to drive straight to the airport and park there, it's not recommended.
For one thing, because prices are almost always more attractive when you make an online reservation in advance. For some parking lots at Orly, for example, booking 1 month in advance can save you up to 40% compared to the rate applied on site!
On the other hand, because it is possible that the parking lot of your choice is full on the day.
Finally, because it is less stressful to know immediately where to go in advance.
Of course, in the aftermath of the pandemic, this may seem like a bit of a risky move, as your trip could be cancelled. However, you should know that most airport parking lots, official or not, offer cancellation insurance that allows you to cancel until the last minute.
Compare the different types of service
When it comes to airport parking, there are all kinds of services:

- Shuttle services, valet parking or parking within walking distance of the terminals.

- Covered parking lots, semi-open parking lots, outdoor parking lots.

- More or less effective surveillance measures (alarms, guard dogs, continuous presence, etc.)

- Various additional services, such as car washing.

The advantage of reserving your parking space in advance is also that it gives you enough time to get information and avoid unpleasant surprises or disappointments. You know exactly where to park your car and what to expect from the service.

Parking airport
Parking airport
Compare prices
All airports in France offer official parking. With the exception of the so-called "long-term" parking lots, most of these parking areas are located directly on the airport site and therefore allow you to walk to the terminal. This is a convenient service, but often comes with a somewhat high price tag.
If you are looking for the best value for money, it may be worth looking at private parking lots. You will find a large number of them around most major French airports. If most of them tend to offer low-cost services, you will also find high quality services, such as valet parking and guarded underground parking lots.
Ask for an inventory of fixtures if possible
If you choose an official parking lot, you will not be able to ask for an inventory of fixtures, and most operators are not responsible for any problem.
For private parking lots at airports, on the other hand, an inspection is almost always possible, and strongly recommended. If you are not offered one upon arrival, do not hesitate to ask for one yourself.
This step is especially important if you drive a nice brand name car, because in the event of a problem, you will need to establish that the parking lot is responsible.
Tour the vehicle on the way back

Finally, be aware that it is completely useless to ask for an inventory of fixtures if you decide to leave the parking lot without checking the condition of your vehicle first.
The moment your car leaves the parking area, it will become extremely difficult to establish the responsibility of the operator. The longer you wait to come forward, the greater the chance that you will have lost your rights of recourse.
Understandably, most travelers have only one thing on their mind on the day of their return: going home. Going around the car will only take you a few minutes, so don't neglect this step!
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