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Khatir Soltani
Shopping for tires is time consuming and frustrating. In short: A pain! At least that's what George Silagadze, Founder and CEO of discovered last year when he tried to buy tires for his wife's car:

At first, he shopped online. While George found good prices and selection, that was soon overshadowed by the fact that he would have to pay up front for an unseen product (he shuddered to think of the hassle and expense if he'd had to return the tires). Then add shipping and handling, and arrange then pay for installation; all of a sudden it was no longer a good deal!

Next, George tried the box stores. The price was not as good, but a least he didn't have to mess around arranging installation. Unfortunately, the selection was limited and what he needed wasn't in stock.

Finally, George decided to go old school: He picked up the phone and started calling local dealers. After about a dozen or so calls and voice messages, he got back four quotes, two of which were cheaper than prices he had found online.

George picked one and arranged to have the tires installed. He remembered thinking at the time that there had to be a better way of doing this.

That's when was born -- the Hotwire for tires. A website was created that allowed you to search online for tires amongst your local dealers. is a site where, in under a minute, you can search over 50,000 different tires by vehicle make/model, brand or by tire specification, and get in return an unbiased list based on price (including installation).

Simply select the tires you want to buy (based on the price and distance), assured by the fact there are no hidden costs, pay a small 5% deposit and will reveal the identity of the tire dealership and provide all the information you need to contact the dealer and arrange installation.

No further money is exchanged until the tires are installed, at which point you pay the balance to the dealer directly solving all of the frustrations of tire buying as well as feeding your own local economy.

The local dealers love the service too, as it opens them up to a whole new sales channel and makes them (and their inventory) visible online in a way that previously wasn't available to them due to time and resources.

It's a true win-win for everyone! Thanks to real-time manufacturer and wholesaler price adjustments and rebates on, the consumer gets the best deal with no time wasted, and their local dealer gets a client they might not have had before.

Try for yourself, and see how easy it is!

Khatir Soltani
Khatir Soltani
Automotive expert
  • Over 6 years experience as a car reviewer
  • Over 50 test drives in the last year
  • Involved in discussions with virtually every auto manufacturer in Canada