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Pollution in Paris leads to free public transit, alternate traffic

Unusually high levels of air pollution in Paris have prompted city officials to offer free public transit as well as bicycle- and car-sharing services at reduced fees.

Meanwhile, car drivers have to obey an ''alternate traffic'' policy: Those with an even licence plate number (or heavy-duty vehicle) are forbidden to hit the streets of Paris on Monday, while those with an odd licence plate number will face the same rule on Tuesday.

Exceptions include:
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles;
  • Vehicles running on either LPG or natural gas;
  • Vehicles with at least three passengers;
  • Taxis and school buses;
  • Emergency vehicles;
  • Refrigerated trucks.
Offenders risk a modest fine of €22, but authorities will make sure they leave the city.

Such drastic measures will last indefinitely ― meaning as long as air pollution levels in Paris drop back to acceptable levels.

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