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Those Wanting a Gas-Powered Porsche Macan Have Until 2024

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That Porsche is preparing an all-electric version of the Macan is no secret. That variant, so the speculation goes, should arrive in 2023. Since the first announcements about it, there’s been talk of it cohabiting with the gas-powered variant, at least for a while. New reports indicate that this will happen, and that the “while” means… roughly one year.

The Porsche Macan as we currently know it will likely bow out at the end of 2024. It can't be easy for the company to make this move, because the SUV is a great seller. But it looks like it is making the leap.

The news about the withdrawal of the gas-fed Macan was confirmed by Sebastian Staiger, head of Porsche's product line, in an interview with Autocar magazine. He mentioned that the model would probably be discontinued within three years.

When asked when the Macan will switch entirely to electric drive, the executive had this to say: “Today, no final decision has been taken, but we assume that 2024 will be the year.” He also explained that legislation plays a major role in the life of a vehicle, adding that “emission laws are another limiting factor”. In 2025, the new Euro 7 standards will take effect on the Old Continent. That's why Porsche is accelerating its electrification efforts by focusing on vehicles that will not emit pollutants.

The electric Macan will be the first Porsche model built on the Premium Platform Electric architecture developed jointly with Audi, which is currently working on the Q6 e-tron, also due next year. Audi is also preparing an A6 e-tron based on this platform.

It's obvious that things are going to change at Porsche over the next few years. Already this week, we reported on solid speculation that the 718 is going electric. It's clear that we won't recognize the lineup in a few years., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!