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Porsche announces production of all-electric Mission E

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Porsche today announced that its fully electric sedan concept from the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, called Mission E, will enter series production. The automaker will invest a total of €1 billion and create more than 1,000 jobs at its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen headquarters. 

More specifically, €700 million will be used to build a new paint shop and a new assembly plant over the next few years. The existing engine factory will also be expanded for the production of electric motors, and the existing body shop will be enlarged.

The Porsche Mission E four-door car with four individual seats has a system output of over 600 horsepower, allowing it to achieve both acceleration of 0-100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and a range of more than 500 kilometres. Charged via an 800V charger unit specially developed for the car, which is twice as powerful as today's quick-charge systems, the lithium-ion batteries integrated within the floor have enough power again for 80% of the range after just 15 minutes. What’s more, the vehicle can optionally be charged wirelessly through induction via a coil set into the garage floor. 

With this new electric Porsche and Faraday Future’s own creation, the Tesla Model S will soon have competition in the premium electric car segment.